Jex’s Note

Linux 壓縮 (Gzip, Tar)


Usage: gzip [OPTION]... [FILE]...
Compress or uncompress FILEs (by default, compress FILES in-place).

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.

  -c, --stdout      write on standard output, keep original files unchanged
  -d, --decompress  decompress
  -f, --force       force overwrite of output file and compress links
  -h, --help        give this help
  -l, --list        list compressed file contents
  -L, --license     display software license
  -n, --no-name     do not save or restore the original name and time stamp
  -N, --name        save or restore the original name and time stamp
  -q, --quiet       suppress all warnings
  -r, --recursive   operate recursively on directories
  -S, --suffix=SUF  use suffix SUF on compressed files
  -t, --test        test compressed file integrity
  -v, --verbose     verbose mode
  -V, --version     display version number
  -1, --fast        compress faster
  -9, --best        compress better
  --rsyncable       Make rsync-friendly archive

With no FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input.

qq 資料夾下的檔案

$ ls qq
c.txt  d.txt  f.txt  q.txt


$ gzip -r qq
$ ls qq
c.txt.gz  d.txt.gz  f.txt.gz  q.txt.gz


$ gzip -rd qq
$ ls qq
c.txt  d.txt  f.txt  q.txt



  • -z, –gzip, –gunzip, –ungzip filter the archive through gzip
  • -v, –verbose verbosely list files processed
  • -f, –file=ARCHIVE use archive file or device ARCHIVE

壓縮 qq 資料夾成 qq.tar.gz

tar -zcv -f qq.tar.gz qq

-c, –create create a new archive

查看 qq.tar.gz 裡有哪些檔案

tar -ztv -f qq.tar.gz

-t, –list list the contents of an archive

解壓縮 qq.tar.gz

tar -zxv -f qq.tar.gz

-x, –extract, –get extract files from an archive

解壓縮到 /tmp

tar -zxv -f qq.tar.gz -C /tmp
  • -C, –directory=DIR change to directory DIR
  • 原本的qq目錄也還會在

exclude 忽略檔案或資料夾

tar -zcv -f test.tar.gz test --exclude '.git*' --exclude 'cli.php'

忽略 .git 及 cli.php


解壓縮 .gz 的檔案

gunzip access.log-20170725.gz

解壓縮 .zip 無法使用 targzip 來解壓縮

必須使用 zip / unzip 做

安裝 :

sudo apt-get install zip unzip

解壓縮 :

unzip -d qq

解壓縮並放在 qq 資料夾裡, 如果不加上 -d qq 檔案就會散落在目前資料夾

壓縮 :

zip -r qq
  • 將 qq 資料夾壓縮成
  • -r : recurse into directories